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Who needs color?

I've been talking a whole lot recently batik keris online how color is among the big trends right now in mens fashion. Well, it isn't simply me - everyone has been talking about colour. -Crayon shiny- color is what I noticed someone describe it as recently, which is cool way of describing exactly how vivid and eye-catching the use of color is on the runways and catwalks of the world in addition to in our favorite traditional stores. This is focused on colour. But there's white. It's a little bit of a fascinating dichotomy and I'm not going to pretend to really understand it, but at a time when we're seeing a lot of colour and comparison in mens style, we're also seeing a whole lot of designers devote their collections on outfits that are just monochrome visions of white. This is not just a summer separates thing, this is white upon white in different textures and fabrics. White colored as the of most things color. What confuses me a little bit is that sometimes we are receiving it in the same collection - a string of crayon shiny colour vibrancy and then boom, this is one way we take action in white. In this article we have a look at how you can make bold statements in white.

Getting spiritual?

V magazine (that i love) lately ran an editorial looking at the white development in mens fashion and concluded that it reflected a nod to -spiritualisation- in menswear. I'm not totally sure that I get the soulful feel from an all of the white ensemble, but check out this amazing jacket from Atmosphere that was presented in the shoot by Ben Lamberty and modeled by German model Bastian Thiery who is featuring in a whole lot of editorial work at the moment.

Snow leopard camouflage

I really love Ksenia Shnaider's white on white camouflage impact found in the FW14 collection. That is a label from the Ukrainian husband and wife team of Ksenia Marchenko and Anton Schnaider - she's a designer and he could be a graphic designer. Their current collection is sort of a blend of armed service uniforms, sportswear, camouflage, and white. All bang-on trend at this time. Genius.

White can be wrong

An all white outfit could be a bit of a challenge to wear - any time that I've attempted it I appear to spill coffee or red wine, sit somewhere without 1st checking that it's spotlessly clean, or order spaghetti bolognese. Apart from those practicalities, addititionally there is the risk that you look like you have just escaped from some sort of psychiatric facility or a science fiction film from the 1970s. Most of these problems seem to have already been embraced by new label MER (a collaboration from Federico Frotto Scuttie (an Italian from Uruguay) and Attila Lajos (from Hungary) - their connection is that they both studied in Vienna. Their SS15 collection is beautifully conceptual and includes a lot of white on white, but somehow it screams science-fiction psycho a lot more than street-smart swagger.