The plasticizers in question were blended with unplasticized PVC

Table 1.
Table 2.
Results for biodegradation experiments without auxiliary carbon source: Estimated NH125 of maleate-based plasticizers, maximum quantity of the corresponding monoester observed and the time at which the maximum occurred.R′n-C2H5n-C4H9n-C6H13n-C8H17CH2CH(C2H5)(C4H9)AbbreviationDEMDBMDHMDOMDEHMHalf-life (d)11.68.939>>39>>39MonoesteraMEMaMBMaMHMaMOMaMEHMaMaximum quantity (mM)bTrace amounts2.41.3Trace amountsNot observedTime of maximum quantity occurrence (d)b,c–2126––aMEM – monoethyl maleate; MBM – monobutyl maleate; MHM – monohexyl maleate; MOM – monooctyl maleate; MEHM – mono (2-ethylhexyl) maleate.bQuantity values denote the total amount of organic compound in the aqueous broth, as determined by extraction with chloroform.cAll experiments but for DEHM showed at least trace amounts of monoester left in the broth at the end of the experiment.Full-size tableTable optionsView in workspaceDownload as CSV