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Finally, more in-depth information was needed to validate Darunavir information from the individual interviews, as well as to gain more knowledge about the perspectives of the construction and maintenance side within the buyer organization. A five-hour long group interview was conducted with three managerial STA respondents from the interview study: the Business Developer and the Procurement Manager for Maintenance and the top manager from Investments. Apart from having knowledge on the topic, the respondents represented both the maintenance and the investments side, had also shown interest in the topic, and were generous and outspoken with their perspectives. Three people from the research team were present to moderate the discussion and ensure labia minora stayed within the focus areas.
3. Integrated Product Service Offerings
3.1. A life-cycle perspective for product development
Previous research within the infrastructure industry states that the earlier in the planning process the provider is involved, the better the opportunities are to adapt the content and the realization of the project to its specific conditions and requirements (Nilsson, 2009). The importance of making decisions early in the product development process, when there is still freedom to make changes, has been stated in earlier research (Lindahl, 2005). The further along in the process the more modifications cost, due to the difficulty in making the changes.