David Deangelo What David Deangelo Says Women Hate Most About Men

Insecurity / Neediness

Women absolutely hate guys who are not protected with themselves. I shutter whenever I listen to a man say do you like me?, what would you price me out of 10?, Am I good during intercourse?, Do you kado pernikahan my male organ is big? The list could actually go on forever. It really is truly pathetic. Please stop performing insecure!


Jealousy is usually a of insecurity. Men are fundamentally jealous of other men because they feel threatened. A high value man wouldn't normally feel threatened by anyone, regardless of how beautiful, rich or they were. You have to assume the attitude other men only make me look great and in the event that you follow David DeAngelos advice, additional men actually will only make you look good. Id say 95% of guys out there have no idea how to handle women.


Guys who take themselves too seriously have become unattractive to women. Its basically the one main reason very intelligent men fail with women: they haven't any sense of humor. You have to begin taking life one moment at a time. Work on developing DeAngelos unique Cocky/Funny character and youll notice females becoming magnetically drawn to you.

I really dont want to over hype DeAngelos stuff, but I can tell you from personal knowledge that the Cocky/Funny technique is the a very important factor that gave me the best results, very fast. Developing a Cocky/Funny personality will shed apart the seriousness you harbor within. Women will love it.

Controlling Behavior

Men who demand their girlfriend not do specific things only cause them to want to do everything the more. Men who demand that their girlfriend not really hang out with other men or head to clubs or go out with her friends have become unattractive. In essence, the forbidden behavior becomes alluring to women and they would like to do it all the more.

Its important that when you have a girlfriend currently or when you eventually get one that you not really put any handcuffs on her behalf. Dont request her where shes at on a regular basis, who shes with, get mad at her for checking out some other guy or anything of this nature. Just let her be. Understand that no quantity of insecure bitching on your part changes anything. Choose indifference.


I see a large amount of guys bribing women with gifts and various other such gestures. The problem with that is that it comes across as if youre trying to bribe the women into liking you. Its fundamentally cheap, ineffective manipulation. You think its just you being fine but thats not how she sees it.

Women want a fun, interesting, playful guy who can change even the most mundane activity into an experience with his personality alone. DeAngelo really taught me how exactly to foster and develop that extremely personality so I didnt have to buy women gifts merely to get them to like me. Actually, he taught me that the very act of buying gifts proven to the women that I was not enough and that I got low self esteem.