Dance Inspired Fashion Collection Manner by Andrea Katz Chmapagne Fashion Situation by Andres Aquino

Custom Andrea Katzs tango-inspired style collection is likely to be shown Sunday, March 12, 2006 Champagne Fashion Brunch to-be held at La Prima Donna restaurant, 163 West 47th Street, in the heart of New York Citys Times Square and famous theater district. Doors open at 12:30 p.m. Clicking go here for more info seemingly provides cautions you should tell your brother. show starts at 1 p.m.

New York-based designer Andrea Katz has combined her cool contemporary clothing and accessories line with her addiction to dance. The latest AKO (Andrea Katz Objects) point characteristics clothing as architectural objects for that body. Attention to detail draws on the romanticism of the basic dance, made to move fluidly on your body, yet perhaps not the normal dance slit-skirt look. As an artist, Ms. Katz says that she has never joined anything mainstream, but dance demands the use of conventions. The dance may possibly require it but what one wears on along with off the dance floor truly doesn't. Dig up further on our affiliated paper - Click here: Ms. Katz accordingly produces her leather apparel and hand-bags in Buenos Aires. I am pleased to support the Argentine economy, the artist records, as Argentina has given me so much through this dance form.

Ms Katz can be an artist o-n many levels and she brings her love for tango and art to her fashion style, says company and fashion show producer CEO Andres Aquino. It's with great pleasure and enjoyment we carry her collection to our audience and the media.

The designers special creations will be presented along with Manhattan project Prima Donnas sophisticated and old-fashioned Tuscan cuisine updated with Venetian style and contemporary urban style making for a wonderful evening in New York. Get further on a related site - Click here: Creating Math Enjoyable With Daily Activities | Chang Sheng. We assume the full house on March 12th, continues Mr. Aquino, with visitors from Europe, Kentucky, Georgia, Texas, California and the tri-state area. These events are always a pleasurable experience where the audience can obtain what they see on the runway.

Options are available for sponsors and advertisers trying to reach a wealthy fashion-conscious audience. To learn additional info, we know you have a gander at: Producing Math Entertaining With Daily Activities | Chinese Lifestyle. They come for special events such as family reunions, birthdays and anniversaries, father-daughter tours, and wedding plans. From the China to Europe to Canada and South America, the shows have created a whole lot of interest, and people are buying tickets up-to six-months in advance. Tickets are available through various ticket sites in addition to through the business website global.

The engaging makers present some of the most readily useful wearable premium and delightful extras. Recent shows have featured choices by designers from the host of nations including Colombia, South Africa, Austria, Dominican Republic, Switzerland, Germany, Canada, Russia, Israel, Bulgaria, England, India, and USA.

Up-coming Champagne Fashion Brunch activities will soon be making contributions to a major childrens charity helping to provide health care, clean water, food and other assistance in poverty stricken countries around the world.

Company Andres Aquino is CEO of USA Global Fashion Shows and Fashion Syndicate Press, established in 1997. He is also the founder and creator of New York's Couture Fashion Week and Bridal Fashion Week, attracting style and accessories makers from around the world..