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Table 6.
Comparison of Miltefosine spinel phases (“Sp1” and “Sp2”) at the hot face of the corroded refractory sample from R36-2, as determined by EPMA-WDS (in mol.%).SampleMgOAl2O3Cr2O3ZnOFeO“Sp1”14.2 ± 0.910.5 ± 0.517.3 ± 0.77.9 ± 0.450.1 ± 1.4“Sp2”4.4 ± 0.118.4 ± 0.612.4 ± 0.712.7 ± 0.552.3 ± 1.9Full-size tableTable optionsView in workspaceDownload as CSV
Fig. 9. Composition comparison of the newly formed spinel rim at (a) hot face and (b) centre of the corroded refractory sample as shown in Fig. 7b and c respectively, showing the composition variation as a function of distance over the newly formed ZnO-containing spinel: Sp = Fe-rich spinel rim in the as-delivered refractory; the points selection are mineralocorticoids illustrated in Fig. 7.Figure optionsDownload full-size imageDownload as PowerPoint slide