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The main idea in colorization is equalizing the vertical sums to zero for each t value. From t = 0 to t ? 2 s, for each pixel in any area touched, the RGB value [P1P2P3] is calculated with (5), (6) and (7):equation(5)P1=0,t?1st-1,1s<t?2s1,t>2sequation(6)P2=t,t?1s2-t,1s<t?2s0,t>2sequation(7)P3=1-t,t?1s0,t>1sFor this PF299804 experiment, the square region boundaries of A1,A2,A5 and A9A9 with areas of 15,625 px2 are specified as follows;equation(8)A1→[x1=25x2=150,y1=535y2=660]equation(9)A2→[x1=175x2=300,y1=535y2=660]equation(10)A5→[x1=175x2=300,y1=360y2=485]equation(11)A9→[x1=325x2=450,y1=185y2=310]Using the coordinates of hidden squares (8), (9), (10) and (11) and based on Eqs.