How a Skin specialist Treats Stubborn Acne in Youth

For most kids, getting the occasional pimple is part of becoming a teenager. Some teens, however, find their acne is more severe. This can become embarrassing, as the acne may cover not only their face, but also their chest and back. Simply washing with popular over-the-counter soaps doesnt work. These teenagers need something stronger. There are many different types of treatments offered by a doctor of fort wayne dermatology that will not only cure the skin of a current breakout, but they will also prevent new acne from forming.

Topical Treatments

Most doctors begin by assessing the severity of the acne. Small pimples require a different treatment than more painful cystic acne. Once your dermatologist in Covington, LA has a good idea of what is causing the breakouts, they can prescribe a treatment. For many teenagers, medical treatment will begin with a topical ointment. These ointments are applied directly to the skin, where they dry out existing pimples and kill any bacteria present on the skins surface. Some popular medications contain salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide. These medications are found in over-the-counter remedies; however, what is prescribed by a doctor has much higher levels of the drugs. Topical treatments must be used exactly as prescribed in order to see results.

Oral Medications

Teenagers who are struggling with more severe forms of acne may be prescribed oral pills in addition to a topical ointment. They are especially effective in treating cystic acne. If the dermatologist in Covington, LA feels that bacteria is causing the acne, they may have the patient take a low does of antibiotics for several months. Sometimes acne is caused by changes in hormones, which is most common in females. In this instance, birth control pill may be prescribed to help regulate hormone levels. These medications do not work overnight, nor do they help current outbreaks. They are effective, however, in preventing new pimples from forming.

Other Treatments

A local dermatologist may also perform surface treatments to help remove current acne. For a large cyst, the doctor may lance and drain the area. Laser treatments are often used to kill bacteria on the skin. Some doctors in LA even use chemical peels to help kill and remove current acne. These treatments often give instant results, but they are reserved for more severe cases.

Any teenager who is experiencing acne that doesnt respond to over-the-counter treatments should have their skin evaluated by a dermatologist. Only a doctor can prescribe medications that are strong enough to cure even the more stubborn acne. Seeing a doctor also lowers the risk of recurring breakouts and scarring. Acne is very treatable, and there is no reason for it to cause distress in any teens life.