List Of Social Media Internet sites For Online Marketers


There are several obvious candidates that could immediately spring to mind, whenever you consider social network internet sites. It may be surprising to understand exactly how many different social media websites are in fact around. Here is a basic list of social-networking sites on line, but this list is in no way exhaustive. Browse here at here's the site to read how to do this view.

Person and Dating - These are social networking websites that focus on relationships and dating.

- Adult Friend Finder,

- OK Cupid,

- e-harmony,

- Fubar,

Blogging - These are social networking internet sites that either center com-pletely around speaking through blogging, or put a large focus on the concept of blogging.

- Blogger,

- Livejournal,

- Twitter,

- Win-dows Live Spaces,

- Word-press,

- Vox,

- Xanga,

General Social Networking - These are the key of the social network strategy, with names like You-tube, Flickr, MySpace and Facebook leading the pack.