PM20CEE060-5 Mitsubishi IGBT Power Module

Know more about the advanced PM20CEE060-5 at and you won’t hesitate to buy one for your AC motor drives!


PM20CEE060-5 is a perfect IGBT module that can boost the power of your AC motors. Manufactured by Mitsubishi, this advanced Mitsubishi IGBT power module has exceptional features that not only charges up AC motors but has developed its own protection system from electric problems as well! These problems include short circuiting, under voltage, overheating and others.


PM20CEE060-5 can generate 100 voltage of collector emitter and 20 amperes of collector current. These acquire the ability to deliver high speed to AC motors that lessens the chances of low power loss. Indeed, its highly developed protection circuitry and optimized gate drive have been guaranteed.


Mitsubishi PM20CEE060-5 has a modified power cycle tolerance. This enables itself to work accurately to high power switching applications and high frequency operations! Regardless of the surrounding temperature, rest assured that this unique module can maintain to be fully functional!