Adding Extensions for Lovely Natural-looking Beauty

Choosing hair extensions means taking the time to select the right texture and quality of hair. Having the extensions added takes time and it is a moderate investment. With the right care, it is possible for them to look natural and last for months with very little maintenance. If people do not demand the best or have them installed by someone who is not skilled at the process, they can become damaged, be uncomfortable to wear and even damage the natural hair.

The choice between synthetic and genuine hair is easy. Synthetic may save a few dollars initially, but they will never look genuine and will tangle and frizz easily. Extensions made from real hair blend easily with the wearers own hair and will remain in good condition as long as they are properly cared for during their use.

One of the most important considerations is choosing gemini virgin hair. These hairpieces are crafted from hair that has not been colored or otherwise chemically treated. It will be soft and shiny, without any damage. The extra benefit is that it can be treated to match the natural hair of the client without over drying or causing any reaction with previous dyes or chemicals.

The best extensions are those that are known as remy hair. This means the hair in the extension has all come from the same donor. It has not been stripped so the cuticles are intact and each hair is carefully kept in its original direction. This attention to detail keeps the hair natural and flowing and will prevent tangling.

There are many types of virgin hair to choose from, each type offering a different trait that makes it better for some clients. Brazilian, Indian and Malaysian are common types of hair that salons offer. Brazilian hair has thicker strands than other types and is versatile enough to work with a variety of natural hair styles. Indian hair is soft, shiny and strong. It is generally considered very elegant and is great for long styles that still want a lot of body. Malaysian hair is known for being sleek and shiny, but still thick. It is often straight, but capable of holding a wave when desired.

There are many other types of beautiful extensions to choose from. Anyone unsure of what they want should discuss the matter with their stylist. Professional salons can also direct clients to numerous resources that describe in-depth each type of extension.