One Direction Tickets: Experiencing A Boy Band Bliss

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This is not the initial time Zayn's fashion has been complimented by the British media, previously this year he arrived in at #17 on GQ's checklist of very best dressed men.

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"The documentary is by turns revealing and surprisingly evasive. There are poignant interviews with the band associates' parents who really feel extraordinary pride in their achievement and yet clearly skip them when they away for months on end and are slightly baffled by the transformation in their life. We see Harry back in the baker's shop where he as soon as worked. There's not much in the way of sex and drugs when 1 Dimension go on tour. Even though the women adore the band and react to them with hysterical enthusiasm during the live performance sequences (extremely successfully filmed in 3D), the band members' personal adore life are strictly off limitations.

Little Combine's Perrie Edwards and One Path's zayn malik hairstyle have been courting since April 2012. They had been each other's date for the evening, as formerly reported. 1 Direction's Louis Tomlinson introduced girlfriend Eleanor Calder as his day. Calder (who is a pupil at the College of Manchester) and Tomlinson have been dating since late 2011. 1 Path's Liam Payne introduced his girlfriend Sophia Smith to the premiere; the couple began courting in the summer time of 2013.

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The U.S. launch day for Small Mix's first album, "DNA," is to be introduced, but Syco/Columbia is aiming for a launch day sometime in the summer of 2013. It has not however been introduced if or when Little Mix will tour in the United States.