“Is That a Replica Handbag, or a Suitcase? ”

I talk so much about how us ladies have so much stuff that we throw into our replica handbags and that it’s absolutely necessary for us to have some big christian louboutin designer bags. So as per my previous post where I quoted a hundred thousands of people, “Is that a replica handbag, or a suitcase? ” today’s article is strictly dedicated to fabulous totes… and I’ve picked my favourite three!

Trust me, it was really hard to pick three of my favourite replica handbags, but I managed to narrow it down. First, the Prada replica handbag called City Bag in aaa replica shoes red is super fabulous. It’s bright, big and beautiful. That’s how we love our replica handbags, right?

For the more subtly ladies that still desire a little spunk, I picked out the D&G replica handbag with croc detailing. It’s of course, large enough for all of our “junk” (oh, you totally know you have a bunch of junk in your replica handbag – don’t lie). The black allows it to be versatile, while the croc detailing lets it adventure out from the typical, boring black tote. It’s a win, win, right?

Lastly, and I know that I have talked about this replica handbag a gazillion times before – is the Chloe replica handbag with the leather strap and bright yellow colour. It’s bold, loud and could very easily be mistaken for luggage – which is why I adore it. Just kidding – it looks nothing like luggage – but I thought I’d add a little humour to the quote that we all cringe every single time we hear it;

“Is That a Replica Handbag, or a Suitcase? ”

If only we had a dime for every time, right? We could afford a hella-lot more replica handbags that are massively amazing.