Evacuation Chairs and What Business Owners Desire to Know

Think back to images from 9/11. People were trapped in the World Trade Center with no way to escape, and, of those who did make it out, some suffered from limited mobility. Thankfully, Americans came together on that fateful day and helped those who needed assistance. It wasnt every man for himself. Although Americans like to believe they would act heroically in similar situations, those who struggle with limited mobility need to know assistance is available if they are in a multi-story building when disaster strikes. This assistance may come in the form of evacuation chairs for stairs. What exactly is an evacuatoin chair and how does it help those in this situation?

With the help of evacuation chairs, individuals who are limited in terms of their mobility find they have a way to safely and quickly exit a structure during emergency evacuations. Elevators are typically unusable in situations such as this, leaving these individuals trapped until help arrives. With the chair, the individual only needs the help of one other person to leave the building. Chairs of this type were actually in use on 9/11 and helped many individuals to safety. They can be used by those with both temporary and permanent disabilities and work in numerous situations.

People find they benefit from evacuation chairs in numerous situations. Although many present on 9/11 associate them with terrorist attacks, this type of chair is of great help when there is a fire in the building or when an earthquake strikes. It may be that there is a gas leak and people need to leave the building before emergency personnel arrive or someone may wish to exit a building as criminals are present. The chair helps in these and many other situations and is easy for anyone to use, with the help of one other person. There is no need to wait for help to arrive to transport the person, as the chair does the work.

When choosing an evacuation chair, individuals need to consider many factors. First and foremost, individuals need to look at the maximum weight the chair can carry. Some chairs are designed for lightweight individuals, such as those 220 pounds or less, while others are intended for individuals up to 500 pounds. Those with disabilities may require special assistance aids and this plays a role in the weight to be carried. In addition, some chairs can be removed for maneuvering around obstacles, and this is something a business owner may wish to take into account when purchasing one or more chairs. With many models on the market today, finding the right one wont be a difficult task.