Intro to real estate investing - Charlottesville home-based business

There are a variety of investment tools out there today. From interest bearing savings and 401Ks to IRAs and stock, these tools are used to provide retirement however, some become full-time day traders. Despite how long it has been around, real estate investing is growing as a way to invest for retirement, but there are many who choose this as their career or even to supplement their income. Popularized by learning programs, websites and television shows, real estate investing has gathered much more attention in the last few years. If youre looking to invest in real estate there are few things you need to know.

Its not easy

If investing in real estate were as easy as some make it out to be, everyone would be doing it. There are systems and laws that need to be followed and if you proceed in a negligent way you could come across a variety of consequences. A few actors to consider are choosing a profitable property, evaluate repairs, and calculating repair costs. It is important to educate yourself and learn as much as possible prior to diving into a property.


Technology has made education at everyones fingertips. Utilize online courses to gain knowledge of the real estate industry. If within your budget, you could take the Real Estate Salesperson licensing course. This course covers a full range of real estate topics such as, real estate finance, contracts, real estate law and more.

Get your finances in order

Investing in real estate requires having capital. Not just to purchase properties, but to also cover your everyday costs such as gas, utilities, phone, etc. Acquiring real estate, in most cases, require financing from a lending institution. To ensure low rates and increase buying power, it is important to have your finances and credit in good standing. In addition, receiving low rates help yield higher profits.


Remember that learning is a continuous process in any career field. Networking with other investors, realtors, contractors and lenders will bring further insight into the industry. Additionally, it may help bring in deals, discounts and ideas. offers a community based networking system where new and seasoned investors can share information and tips in a social media setting.


Nothing ever happens overnight. You may not find a good deal for a few months, and even after your first, your next may not come for months afterwards. Be sure to have business plan, even if you dont feel you need one. After all, it is a business. This would give you a reference to keep you on track with your goals and objects, and can also be modified as your business progresses and evolves.

Beware of scams

The internet is filled with a plethora of useful information. Unfortunately, it is also filled with just as much of the exact opposite. This holds true for the home business industry as well. Check out the FTC website for ways to avoid fraud and what to do if you find yourself in that situation.

These are just a few tips to consider and review prior to investing in real estate. Real estate investing is a great full or part-time home business. It can be very lucrative both long and short term and there are different ways a person can get involved. Be sure to contact an accountant to ensure accurate tax preparation and abide by all real estate laws and regulations to prevent adverse actions.

Good luck Stay Positive

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