Have You Accessed Your Spiritual Gifts Lately

In accessing your spiritual gifts it is kado ulang tahun, kado unik that while Spiritual Gifts are very important, the fruit of the Spirit is normally a better test of the genuineness of a person. Here are the 9 spiritual gifts detailed in the Bible in 1 Corinthians 12:1-14

1. Wisdom
2. Knowledge
3. Discerning various spirits
4. Speaking in tongues
5. Interpretation of tongues
6. Prophecy
7. Faith
8. Working of miracles
9. Healing

In keeping these spiritual gifts in I hope that you will try to develop them and also incorporate them into your daily lives. You have nothing to lose by doing so and everything to get when you do incorporate them into your life.

Wisdom can be explained as understanding God or your high power has in store for you. It is being able to recognize Gods plan and what he has prepared for you. This comes from within or from your own holy spirit and it is up to you to cultivate this wisdom and draw on it in your daily life.

Knowledge and Understanding is essential because it can assist you in your daily living aswell. The 'Word of knowledge' can be best referred to as knowing something without being given the information straight beforehand. This 'Word of Knowledge' could possibly be something as simple as being a good judge of character or knowing that a person is innately good or negative.

With all of the crime in the world today it is important in order to discern who you allows into your daily life and who you will disallow. With the advent of house invasions, serial killings, and the ones who may want to harm you or your family...this can play a definite role in your basic safety. Discerning of spirits can fall into this category aswell.

Speaking in tongues and interpretation of tongues can be extremely controversial. It is a communication between you and God that no one else can decipher. That is a gift that I avoid frequently and I find that unless you use your gifts you lose them or they become less effective. So once you find out which gifts you have...be sure to use them normally as possible.

Relating to Wikipedia.org: In religion, a prophet is an person that is claimed to have been contacted by the supernatural or the divine, and serves as an intermediary with humanity, delivering this newfound knowledge from the supernatural entity to other folks. The message that the prophet conveys is called a prophecy.

Is this a gift that you possess? Could a psychic are categorized as the category as a prophet? What's your opinion? For me, it is all relative and in case you are able to serve as an intermediary with humanity this is a beautiful gift to obtain.

Faith is something that most of us need no matter what you believe.

You must have faith that whenever you go out into the world every day that you will return safely and unharmed. Most of which is overlooked by many of us nonetheless it is all predicated on faith.

Working of miracles can be accomplished inside our lives if we take time to meditate on the things that we want to occur inside our lives.