The subject of 'nutrition' is highly interesting and stimulating, the vastness of the subject includes advanced knowledge and studies of the human body and its reactions to various foods, the assimilation process and the do's and don'ts of maintaining proper health through a proper lifestyle.

The key to a healthy lifestyle is very obviously a diet that is balanced in every way; one that suits an individual's metabolism and enhances energy, vitality and well-being. The term 'diet' generally refers to the amount of food consumed by an individual, human or animal; 'dietary habits' refer to the individual decisions and choices made by a person in choosing what food to eat. In specifics, diet also refers to a particular intake of nutritious food consciously chosen for health and weight management reasons, whether by the concerned individual or by practiced health experts. Therefore, a person's health, longevity and quality of life is reflected through dietary choices and preferences made with reference to geographical region, culture, ethnicity and availability of food choices.(adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({});

A water diet is not a starvation diet when you only drink water. During this diet you can eat 'normally' and still can lose weight. You have to drink water in certain amounts and during a specified time in the day.

Firstly I want to stress that regardless of the name of this diet, the water diet is not based on drinking water and not eating. To put it in another words the water diet is NOT a starvation diet.

So, now that we are certain what this diet isn't, let's discover what it really is. You can say that it is a diet to lose weight and can be considered a detox diet. According to scientists, when we are thirsty, our body gives a signal to our brain that is interpreted by us as hunger. So, instead of drinking we eat. Accordingly, because we don't need these calories, the unwanted calories are turned into fat. It works in the other way too, when we drink water, our brain receives a signal from our body, that it received food and the hunger alarm can be turned off. That's the foundation of the water diet.(adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({});

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