Can Eating Disorders Lead to Suicidal Thoughts?

If an individual is suffering from an eating disorder can he or she also have suicidal thoughts? The answer is yes, eating disorders affect every area of his or her life. The disorder is all consuming, every thought, word and action in one way or another is grounded by food either trying to obtain it or abstain from it. The energy that he or she wastes is immeasurable. Dual diagnosis is common among individuals battling an eating disorder.


Depression is common due to the constant barrage of thoughts that are negative, the self esteem that is damaged by the cycle of addiction the constant mood swings that comes from eating and not eating. Certain foods cause more highs and lows than others. Medications are necessary in many cases and in others not necessary. If he or she gets help the specialist can certainly assess whether or not medications are appropriate for them.


Nothing is more rewarding than having the opportunity to see someone who thinks life is hopeless,  that it will never get better have that aha moment "Oprah" speaks of. He or she sees a glimmer of light and has a split second of recognizing everything is going to work out. I believe in inpatient treatment for dual diagnosis, for eating disorders, for drug and alcohol addiction. People are trained to help individuals get out of their own way. Everyone has the right to a happy and joyful life including and especially the person whom thinks they don't. Call today to get the help deserved!


Joanna works for the Women's Behavioral Program. She has overcome adversities and shares her hope with anyone she comes in contact with. Joanna is a known published author in the Bariatric and Weight Loss Community, she has spent the last 13 years helping to inspire and motivate people on the value of the body, mind and spirit connection.


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