RS undertaking guides: Burthorpe/Taverley Tasks


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The Burthorpe/Taverley Duties contain duties that could be accomplished by lower level gamers. They differ from all other undertaking sets in that the Burthorpe/Taverley Responsibilities only have jobs for the Beginner amount. These jobs are intended as a tool to familiarize new members with the new content available to them as subscribers. They is often played in Tutorial mode, although significant level members contain the option of disabling tutorial mode and completing the duties in any order.


In the job menu, you will notice six recommended responsibilities with the Burthorpe/Taverley region. To view the entire checklist of tasks, click on Open Undertaking Listing. For those who simply click on somebody process, it is going to convey up more details around the task. All of the jobs are mentioned more down in this particular manual.


Each time you complete a process, you'll get a message inside the top rated central component of your window stating that you have accomplished a undertaking. Open up the Undertaking Listing and you may see a small check mark next to that activity. If you don't contain the prerequisites for your process, a little lock will show up from the corner in the task. Once you have accomplished many of the duties of this region or you don't have demands for any in the other responsibilities, minigames will look within the job checklist.


These tasks are designed, unlike all other endeavor sets, to be played in get as per the Troll Warzone storyline. You could, nonetheless, accomplish the responsibilities in almost any order that you just desire by disabling Tutorial mode. There are no prerequisites to complete any in the duties during this job set. Get yourself to Burthorpe and be on your way!


Beginner Tasks


Beginner jobs adhere to this conditions:


 Beginner-ranged quest prerequisites.

 Beginner-ranged talent requirements.

 May be accomplished with little issue.




Abilities: None


Quests: None




After having trekked all over Burthorpe and Taverly practising a variety of capabilities while rescuing the townspeople, you are going to be in for a hero's celebration and some rewards!



All Beginner Jobs complete


After completing all of the beginner jobs speak to Major Corothers. A cut-scene will play, where you can be honoured among the people. He will give you 5 Varrock teleport tabs, 5 Falador teleport tabs, 5 noted attack potions, 5 noted defence potions, 5 noted prayer potions, and a steel full helm. You also gain an amount of coins depending to the total amount of responsibilities completed -including those from other sets- upon completion of every process.


Congratulations on completing the Responsibilities for the Burthorpe/Taverley spot!