The knowledge base for the innovative risk assessment

The knowledge Z-Lys(Z)-OH for the innovative risk assessment system is created on the basis of the innovation experts’ knowledge and empirical data. For this purpose 48 innovative projects for enterprises of different sizes have been collected and analysed. The research has been performed in enterprises which submitted an application for funding innovation in the context of the chosen form of support. The mentioned support was dedicated to all companies. In this point of view the collected applications have been random sampling. The examples of innovative solutions (realised in years 2007–2013) come from the province of Opole (Poland). The values of individual risk factors have been taken from business plans of analysed projects. The assessment of projects has been set down by 3 experts. The mean of experts’ assessments constitutes the final innovation project risk assessment. Fig. 3 depicts histograms for a plasmids set of data i.e. mean of experts’ assessments (output of system) and risk factors (inputs of system). They demonstrate the characteristics of data frequency.