The following figure Fig shows how many WordNet entries

The following figure (Fig. 3) shows how many WordNet entries have been associated to each of the 930 annotated hashtags. It may be seen that E-64-c almost 600 hashtags, including the 409 hashtags that have been found directly in WordNet, are linked to a single WordNet entry (that may contain a list of synsets, if the hashtag has different meanings). The rest of the hashtags have been annotated with the support of Wikipedia. Almost 100 of them have 2 entries, and very few hashtags have more than five associated WordNet entries.
Finally, the most relevant clusters were selected using the mechanism explained in Section 3.3. The tree was analysed in a bottom-up fashion, from the horizontal cut pith divides the set of hashtags in 200 clusters up to the one that partitions the set in 5 clusters. In order to analyse the influence of the values of the filtering parameters, the selection procedure was applied 50 times, considering the following values for them:•Threshold thHomogeneity (minimum inter-class homogeneity): values ranging from 0.5 to 0.9 in 0.1 intervals (5 values).•Threshold thElems (minimum number of elements): even values ranging from 2 to 20 (10 values).