The Astro Tab A924 - 9 is where the problem with the item is.

   My first Astro Tab A924 - 9 Quad Primary Android working system os 5.0 item had to be came back as it malfunctioned and broken every few minutes., As soon as it was available again, I reordered it. The alternative seemed to execute just excellent after I enhanced the Display ROM per guidelines provided to me by the support . I also asked for for it the SanDisk Super 32GB UHS-I/Class 10 Little SDHC storage space area to take advantage of the provided credit cards port. When I look under Settings/Storage I find out that the Removable SD Card is indeed recognized by the program with 28.75 GB Finish and Available area on the credit cards.
   The Astro Tab A924 - 9 is where the problem with the item is. No program provided on the item accesses this credit cards to use it. Nor have I found any enhanced program that will continue to execute to availability this or even return programs to it. When I contacted support about this the responded in just under 30 hours with this: "Moving programs to an external SD credit cards is not strengthened under Android working system os 5.0. The primary operate of the external SD credit cards is for the storage space area of pictures, film, music and information." This is RICH, as I can weblink the item to my pc and return pictures, film, music and information to the credit cards without any problems and maybe even complete it up, BUT through the item I can not availability any of it. For over 35 years of working with micro pcs (TRS80, Tandy, Timex/Sinclair, Apple, HP, IBM, my own build, etc.) and program and some development, I have always been able to find solutions to help me fix a problem. Unfortunately, talking to with many blogs and "experts", this indicates that in Android working system os 5.0 that if the maker changes off the support for the storage space area whatever the program manufacturer says it can do, it will not do it.HDC S5
    So the Astro Tab A924 - 9 seems to be that until the Astro Tab manufacturer repairs this or somebody else "roots" this item, you must be pleased with the limited amount of storage space area room. I have packed about 40 programs (large and small) into the storage space area room. This does not allow much room for keeping pictures, e-mails, or information. I have weblink an HDMI cable to 2 different TVs and regarded running movies. I have installed a key-board case with no problems. I have printed to my program pc printer with the appropriate drivers. I have set up my email, web web web browser, thinking drives, Microsof company Office, Smash hit online, Kindle, The planet pandora, Sensible, Crackle, Plate Anywhere, Speed up, and many others without any problems. I just wish the storage space area problem would be regarded and set then it would be 5 superstars.meizu m2