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One of the concerns of any organization is inventory control. From lean production perspective, storing excessive inventory is wrong because: (1) it Cy7 NHS ester increases system costs and (2) problems and gaps of system would remain hidden (Hofer, Eroglu, & Rossiter Hofer, 2012). Examining complexity of products design and dynamic markets can result in valid decision variables for transferring from traditional manufacturing to lean manufacturing (Liker, 1997). Characteristics of lean manufacturing are reducing costs, increasing speed of process, and reducing delivery time (Barber & Tietje, 2008).
According to literature, only a small number of organizations’ activities are value added and unfortunately, most of processes are non-value added (Hines & Rich, 1997) which leads to lost in time and capital (Holweg, 2007). Consequently, two issues arise here:(1)How to reach lean production?(2)How to assess leanness efficiency degree in organizations?
In pseudocoelomates paper, we aim to answer second question and use three methods including DEA, FDEA and FCM to examine important measurements. Therefore, with the help of proposed model, organizations’ status is determined in terms of leanness. Need for a novel methodology to determine performance of a company can be addressed by leanness approach, since the existing techniques typically focus on a specific aspect of performance and cannot show the full range of leanness strategy (Wan & Chen, 2008).