AcknowledgmentsThis work was financed by Sawluz

Several unforeseen situations may occur during the travel’s route. In Fig. 9(b) we list the occurrences modeled in the scenario. Between the Depot StationsA and B occurs the first situation, a detour from planned route. In the Depot StationB, the Delivery Driver erroneously delivers the load ‘2’. Then, the mobile device PD 153035 HCL accidentally shutdown. In the Depot StationC, the loads ‘20’ and ‘21’ are picked up, which should have been done by another vehicle. After leaving the Depot StationC, the driver tries to disable the mobile’s GPS. Before reaching the Depot StationD, another detour happens. In the Depot StationD, the Delivery Driver does another mistake and delivers the loads ‘3 ’and ‘5’. Between the Depot StationsD and E, the device battery becomes low. Then, the vehicle passes by a “shadow zone”, i.e. an area with no GPRS service, which prevents the mobile device of sending data to the SafeTrack Server. The latter situation occurs shortly thereafter, where the loads ‘5’ and ‘6’ are vascular plants removed from the vehicle outside a Depot Station, indicating a possible load theft.