VotingModel for Expert Search as another

Some papers and researches such as Guan et al., 2013, Macdonald and Ounis, 2008, Macdonald and Ounis, 2011, Moreira and Wichert, 2013, Santos et al., 2011 and Yuh-Jzer et al., 2013 studied the searching of experts in distributed systems. In an expert search, the users’ need is to identify people who Atazanavir have relevant expertise to a topic of interest. An expert search system predicts and ranks the expertise of a set of candidate with respect to the users’ query (Macdonald & Ounis, 2008). Santos et al. (2011) proposed the mimicking Web search engines for expert search. The authors investigated the usefulness of Web search engines (WSEs) for expert search. In particular, osmoregulation claim that the ranking of documentary expertise evidence provided by a WSE should also give an indication of the importance of such evidence. To investigate this, the rankings of seven different WSEs are mimicked by trying to reproduce their underlying ranking mechanisms in order to search for candidate experts. Finally, they presented that WSEs can be mimicked as effectively using only titles and snippets instead of the full content of WSEs’ results, while drastically reducing network costs.