Fig xA A graph model of a part of Expert

Fig. 2. A graph model of a part of Expert Cloud with seven HR.Figure optionsDownload full-size imageDownload as PowerPoint slide
3.2. Trust evaluating
Trust GDC0941 an important factor in human relationships enabling collaboration and cooperation to take place. In human–human interaction, a great deal of information, such as gestures, facial expressions, relationship to other people and objects in the vicinity, and shared histories are all used as cues to assist in understanding the explicit communication (Ding, Liu, & Tang, 2012). Similarly, in Expert Cloud due to its distributed nature and requirement for identifying the reliable and trustworthy human, trust is community age very essential factor too. Hence, building trust relationships among HRs is very essential in Expert Cloud. The trust is defined as a mutual relation between two HR relating to their honesty, dependability, trustfulness, competence and reliability based on their interactions. It can be viewed as an assumption about the expected quality or reliability of a resource based on existing information or observations about the behaviors in the past.