A Basic Introduction to PVA fiber

The fibers treated with formaldehyde polyvinyl formal fibers obtained by Chinese PVA. Comparison of low molecular weight polyvinyl alcohol as raw material by spinning the fiber is water-soluble, known as the Water soluble PVA fiber. PVA fibers in General does not have the necessary hot water resistance, has little practical value. Properties of polyvinyl formal fibers are soft and warm, especially the moisture absorption rate (up to 5%) is high in all varieties of synthetic fiber, it is called synthetic cotton; But its poor thermal softening point only 120 ℃.
Polyvinyl formal fibers in the industrial field can be used to make canvas, tarps, filter, conveyor belts, packaging materials, overalls, rope, fishing nets and marine work. High strength and high modulus filament can be used as belt reinforcing materials, various rubber hose, tape and rubber lining material also produced bicycle tire cords. Because of this basic fiber cement, and cement the good adhesion and cohesion, reinforcing material for asbestos-cement products can be substituted. Can be mixed with cotton, the production of clothing and items, can also produce knitwear. But poor heat resistance,-fabric is not square, and cannot be washed in hot water. In addition, non-woven fabric, paper and other also has value.
1, Water soluble PVA fibers has excellent mechanical properties, high strength, high modulus and low elongation.
2, its strong, its resistance to acid and alkali chemicals.
3, in the Sun for a long time, Water soluble PVA fibers strength loss rate is low.
4, Water soluble PVA fibers into the ground a long time not mildew, does not rot, not insects.
5, Water soluble PVA fibers have good dispersibility.

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