Lenovo VIBE Taken picture lenovo is one of the few to release machine

   Apple iPhone6 is a good smart phone, did not straight with cards digicam what to do, so there is no unique way of deteriorated style individually. Its componentswww.meizu-mx5.com implemented dual LED display, this should also encourage lenovo VIBE Taken using one of the reasons for the three LED display.
  Can say that from the images on the way, take images of apple company iPhone6, sensation is to use the traditional smart phone pictures; And with organization VIBE Taken picture, then there will be some having cards digicam picture sensation, this is lenovo VIBE Taken designed carefully onHDC mobile overall look and components style. So took the apple company iPhone6 captured and take lenovo VIBE Taken images basic is two different sensation.

Both in overall look only can destroy the ignite seems to be the "unibody". While apple company iPhone6 to adhere to the steel metal material for many years, lenovo VIBE Taken for the acting of steel structure + dual glass, features popular.
   Lenovo VIBE Taken picture lenovo is one of the few to release machine with the overall look on the deteriorated in scenery style to admire cards, also prepared with infra-red focus HDC S6on components and three display unique component, and the fuselage side also improved the enterprise important factors and smart/professional method of effective transformation enterprise important factors.