A Look At Coogi

Coogi is one of the most popular brands of urban clothing lines in the market today. model baju batik modern of what produced this brand popular is because of its intricate designs and radiant colours which had embodied the vibrant lifestyle and music of the hip-hop community. So what is Coogi? How the brand did become successful in america, and when was it founded?

Brief History of Coogi
Coogi is not a brandname that in the US unlike other popular brands of hip-hop and urban clothes brands today. Coogi, that was first known as Cuggi, originated from Toorak, Melbourne, Australia, by Jacky Taranto in 1969. And unlike what it really is today, the brand was initially known as a favorite souvenir for Americans who appointments Australia which is usually made up of several vibrant knitwear. your own wholesale coogi clothing business with Sevenwholesale.com.

To create it the name more indigenous like, Jacky decided to change the name to Coogi. But what produced the clothing line a popular urban clothing label in the US when it was founded in Australia?

According to many fashion experts, component of what made Coogi a popular brand in the US is normally when American rap artist Christopher Wallace, known also as the NOTORIOUS BIG, had featured the brand in his well-known single One More Chance.

Because of the reputation of the NOTORIOUS BIG in the hip-hop community, and also his solitary, Coogi quickly became an extremely popular brand of hip-hop clothing line in the market. Start your own low cost coogi clothes business with Sevenwholesale.com.

Rise in the US Market
Eventually, Coogi was introduced in to the US market. However, other than just knitwears, Coogi had also extended to offer several popular urban clothes lines from tees and polos, to hoodies and sweatshirts. Although Coogis knitwears remain popular, the key reason why the brand became as popular as it is was due to the vibrantly colored designs and layouts.

Nevertheless, when Jacky Taranto faced financial crisis in September 11, 2001, once when terrorists had attacked the US, he made a decision to sell the brand to an American organization. Coogi was bought by a joint US venture, Coogi Partners LLC in 2002, by an purchase group led by Jimmy Khezri.

According to numerous fashion experts, under its brand-new ownership, the label has used a significantly more urban direction. Coogi right now produces an array of urban t-shirts, skinny jeans and jackets in addition with their trademark knitwear. Start your very own wholesale coogi clothing business with Sevenwholesale.com. To find out more you may visit to your site at http://www.sevenwholesale.com.