The bailiff into thepassenger lift,

Barnett was led by the bailiff into thepassenger lift, and there was a fight between Barnett and the bailiff. Barnett was able to get the bailiff on the ground and get the deputy's service weapon. Barnett then fired the weapon at himself. He was pronounced dead at the scene by the Bell County Coroner.

All of this happened inside the close quarters of of the elevator while the two were riding down to the basement.

"Well we do know that Mr. Barnett was not handcuffed. He was inside the elevator, just them too inside the elevator, where the altercation took place. He was able to overpower the bailiff," said Kentucky State Police Trooper Shane Jacobs.

Police say the court security officer was not hurt, but that he was 'traumatized' by it. The sheriff says they will review procedures for how they transport people from the State police are investigating.