Given two normalized concepts words matching wi wj

We consider two text-based concepts, C1 is “the big car manufacturer” C2 is hydrophilic “the foreign automobile company.” C1 and C2 is transformed into normalized concepts NC1 =  〈car, manufacturer〉, null, 〈big〉, null and NC2 =  〈automobile, company〉, null, 〈foreign〉, null respectively. The following Table 1 and Table 2 display the words matching result.Table 1.
Words matching for 〈Noun_set〉 (ρ=2)ρ=2).φ1(wi,wj)φ1(wi,wj)AutomobileCompanyCar10Manufacturer00.67Full-size tableTable optionsView in workspaceDownload as CSVTable 2.