Huawei Mate 7S: teaser could indicate improved Force Touch

Huawei is expected to introduce on 2 September at least a new smartphone - and how Teaser already betrayed, the new device is probably something very special can. Now, the Chinese manufacturer has released via Weibo new evidence, which already give rise to an idea what it could be, act in the special ability of smartphones, the Huawei Mate 7S is possibly. Samsung Galaxy S6 edge protector cover

Huawei has a total of two new pictures released, which are still quite puzzling. Nevertheless but they stimulate the imagination to such an extent that at some theories come to the new smartphone in mind. Could the Huawei Mate 7S, which will probably be presented in the first week of September at IFA 2015 in Berlin, really Apples Force Touch control - and perhaps even in an improved form?
A teaser probably showing a smartphone screen, the tapped a glowing hand with her forefinger. From the point at which touching fingers and display, seem also to spread circles, of which only the innermost lights stronger than the others. Could it be that Huawei would like hereby to indicate that the Huawei Mate 7S dominated a Force Touch, which not only distinguishes between two states, but maybe even between light, medium and firm Tap?

The second teaser image that could point to a Huawei Mate 7S, shows a color C, the term "Incredible Touch" and a hand. In addition is the sentence "Now, camera really starts with a" C "," which translates into German means something like: "Now begins camera (actually Camera) really a C". We assume that this is an indication that the camera app of alleged Huawei Mate 7S can be started with a "C". As well as the "C" looks slightly blurred on the teaser picture, this could mean that we can wipe letters and perhaps other gestures on the smartphone display, so as to start apps very quickly.