Related works Fuzzy logic controllers

The work in Zou, Yang, and Cao (2009) proposes a fuzzy logic controller able to dynamically adjust the green time of traffic lights, but the phase sequence is considered static. This is a limitation, as the phase sequence should not be considered static and, moreover, cannot be determined at design time. So, this Volasertib solution is neither scalable nor applicable to traffic light junctions with more than two phases and in cases in which the traffic flows are unpredictable. Another approach, introduced in Kulkarni and Waingankar (2007), presents a fuzzy logic controller used to process traffic information in order to extend the green time, with the twofold aim of improving the vehicular throughput (the number of vehicles that cross the traffic lights) and reducing the waiting time in the queue. Despite some similarity with the approach proposed in natural selection paper, the works in Zou et al., 2009 and Kulkarni and Waingankar, 2007 do not address the planning of the traffic lights phases, as the envisaged fuzzy controllers only manage the green time duration of one queue and not that of the set of queues for the specific phase. As a consequence, the fuzzy controllers might extend the green time duration of a phase that does not have particular execution urgency.