PM75CSA120 Mitsubishi Intelligent Power Module

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PM75CSA120, an advanced power module and one of the finest creations of Mitsubishi has been released across the world to give UPS machines the boost of power needed. This Mitsubishi intelligent power module (Mitsubishi IPM) has a super lightweight of 1.21 lbs. But you’ll be astounded when you realize that it can generate 1200 voltage of collector emitter and a collector current of 75 amperes. But that’s not all!


The features of Mitsubishi PM75CSA120 are so unique that you rarely see these components on other power transistor modules. First, it has a special design that gives it the ability to handle high frequency operations, even something as high as 20 kHz. Second, its thermal resistance is amazing that it can withstand a high temperature of 150 oC. And third, it has its own protection system that can safeguard itself from the most common electric problems like overcurrent and overheating.