Home Remedies To Whiten Your Teeth

Do you wish to get your cara untuk menghilangkan komedo whitened but you are wary about the result the bleaching would have on your own teeth? Never to worry. When there exists a will, there is a way. Why not try home cures for teeth whitening which can be as effective as any professional teeth whitening process. Before you learn about what whitens your teeth, discover what causes your the teeth to get discolored/ stained:

1.Acid content of foods citrus fruits and all the foods which contain any amount of acid trigger discoloration of the enamel over time. Hence, avoid eating such foods before sleeping. In the event that you do ensure that you rinse the mouth area or brush your tooth well afterwards.

2.Dark beverages the basic rule that here is anything that could cause staining to a white-colored T-shirt can stain your tooth as well. Hence, tea, espresso, coca cola, wines, soya sauce and so on are a no-no for those who are conscious about their the teeth color. This does not mean you totally prevent it; however, you would need to be extremely careful to have your mouth cleaned after you consume such drinks.

3.Sweets and chocolates the same applies to this of foods. In the event that you eat chocolates and sweets and don't rinse your mouth afterwards, your tooth would develop bacterias an acid inside the mouth which would eat in to the enamel besides discoloring it.

4.Smoking smoking would bring nicotine onto the teeth and have these stained dark brown initially, which would gradually become black. You would definitely need to regulate (meaning that you should not smoke more than 2-3 cigarettes per day) or altogether stop this dangerous habit.

Fortunately, Mother Nature includes a natural fix for every problem. You do not need the help of any professional teeth whitening to have a one of the brightest smiles possible. All you have to do is take by natural means to keep and promote the natural color of your teeth. This may be done by the next methods:

1.Mouth hygiene habits you should develop the habit of rinsing the mouth after consuming any food. This would ensure that you get rid of any possible bacteria causing particles that would adhere to your teeth after mastication. You will need not brush your teeth each time you eat something (though it might be great if you did); only rinsing with water for some times would be great.

2.Eating right avoid too much starchy foods as well as acid causing foods. Eat more saliva creating foods such as apples, sugar cane, guavas, cucumbers, celery, etc. The effect of this food wouldn't normally only be on one's teeth but also on your digestive system since these would provide you with the much-needed fiber that helps digestion.

3.Use common salt the common salt is a good way to get your teeth whitened. Use this rather than your paste at least twice weekly for the best effects. Be sure that you rinse your mouth often so you would swallow any salt.

4.Do-it-yourself tooth whitening solution you can make your own teeth whitening option at home take baking soda and hydrogen peroxide in 1:1 ratio and make a paste which has the same regularity as toothpaste.