Selena Gomez Moves On From Justin Bieber by Dating Lil Romeo?

At last, all those fanaticersuper-devoted Selena Gomez sites de rencontres sérieux et totalement gratuits fans, AKA Selenators, who are also die hard Jelena-haters can breathe easily and get on with their lives. It seems La Gomez has finally moved on with her life after Justin Bieber. Or has she? Well, sort ofand alsonot. It seems Selena is now getting intimate witherdating one of Biebs BFFsrapper Lil Romeo. Ouch. Take that JB!

Acording to Hollywood Life, at 5 A.M. on December 23, Lil Romeo tweeted a photo of Selena wearing a annonces rencontres trans shirt that he had worn in a previous pic taken at 10 P.M. on Decmeber 22. Lil Romeos caption read:

live for the nights that I cant remember with the people that I wont forget.#romeeverything.

Oops. Do these two have some splainin to do?

No. Why should they? Theyre both single adults, and they can do as they please. They dont owe any explanations to anyoneleast of all to Justin Bieber whos had his share of hook-ups since he and the Getaway star went rencontres serieuses gratuite their separate ways. Whatever. According to supposedly reliable sources, the facts are as follows. Romeo had been crushing on Selena for some time, but she repeatedly rebuffed his advances. But eventually, his persistence paid off. After exchanging a flurry of flirty photos on Instagram, theyve now gone on missive rencontre several dates.

[Romeo] has been asking her out over and over. Shes always shut him down, reports an inside source, but shes not shutting him down anymore.

Of course, there are insiders and then there are sources even closer to the source.

Its not true, a source close to Selena tattled recently to Hollywood Life.

So there you have it. Maybe. There may be more to these conflicting versions of the truth than meets the eye. So stay tuned.

Note: Interestingly 58.25 percent of the respondent who participated in HLs recent poll on the subject, believe that Selena Gomez and Lil Romeo should not date. What do you think?

Photo Source: Perez Hilton

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