candy and stylish princess head, come are trying brazilian remy hair


How to Do:

step1: first with the hair curling rod, curling up into several beams from the tail.brazilian hair weave is so Attractive.

Step2: a first-class-teeth comb the bangs to the head hair after the hair again combed hair from the root.

Step3: the higher a part of the hair with a hair band fixed.

Step4: fingers beneath the tail from the hair by way of the ring from a constant position.

Step5: then hand the top of hair Larsson.

Step6: The hair is split into two beams up taut.

The bar made princess first 1/2 whole, the top hair away, may additionally type a pleasant head of the curvature within the part. sale full lace wigs.

Visible from at the back of princess head stuffed with stylish, fluffy head from at the back of it may make you appear more tall.