Between-Seasons Fashion Tips for Women

It's never easy to decide what to wear in the morning is it? But at certain times of year it's even more model baju batik than usual. These are the between-seasons phases at periods around the end of September and starting of October, late April to mid May and others when the weather just can't seem to make up its mind.

To help survive these times, there are a few ideas us females can implement to make it that tiny bit easier for ourselves.


Among the keys to ever-changing temps is layering. It can be so hard to guess precisely how cold or warm it really is outdoors by peeking through your home window each morning. And online forecasts have a nasty tendency to be incorrect.

There are so many locations worldwide where mornings are chilly, offices are overheated and the elements considerably improves by the end of the day if it is time to go home. Wearing layers is definitely ideal because you can peel them off and put them back on again to your heart's content.

Layers are particularly effective if you wear modern fabrics, some of which were specially developed to control body heat and dampness. Merino wool, for example, is known because of its excellent moisture administration, warmth and proper insulation even if damp. You may also purchase thermalwear at outdoor shops to wear as a lower layer.

If you really end up perspiring heavily, nip into the loo to take off your bottom thermal layer.

Investment Pieces

Some carefully selected garments makes it a whole lot simpler to weather the between-seasons situations of year. These are investment pieces that should be bought to last for years ahead so classic, adaptable designs work best.

Trench coats are a fashion staple that are perfect to throw over a past due spring or early autumn outfit, adding just the right amount of warmth. Their traditional styling means they could be worn both to function and social outings.

Leather jackets work likewise, but add an edgier experience to clothes. Bomber and biker jackets are excellent for wearing at the weekend.

Good quality denim can be a between-seasons fashion essential. A sturdy pair of denim jeans in a dark denim can be decked out with a blouse and clever blazer for function, or teamed with a set of heels and glittery top for nights out. Obviously, they are also one of the most comfortable pieces of clothes to slouch around in at weekends.