The paper is structured as follows

The paper is structured as follows: In the next section we justify the benefits of using the proposed methodological approach. The third and fourth sections introduce the methodology of Refametinib measures, network architecture and learning parameters, respectively. In the fifth section we turn to the presentation of the obtained results of the micro and macro maps and the values of the integration measures. In the sixth section, we examine the insights gained by the research and discuss its relevance for the economic policy of banking sector regulation in the internal market. Finally, section seven concludes the paper.
2. Research methods
2.1. Topology method
In what follows, we looked for a methodological enhancement. Jagric (2013) proposed that due to banking sector data specificities an appropriate method could be what is known as the optimized spiral spherical SOM and gives a detailed discussion of the methodological issues when considering the properties of the banking data and the need of dynamic analysis ability. The method we use in mammal-like reptiles article was presented by Jagric (2013), while simulations on artificial data were presented by Jagric and Zunko (2013). The paper presents the main findings of the dissertation by Jagric (2014).