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This paper focuses on the safety evaluation index system optimization problem in complex uncertain systems. A number of works can be extended based on this study to make more comprehensive safety assessments. Areas of future research include further development of some practicable dynamic evaluation models which can better describe the safety UNC1999 processes under some safety control measures. Secondly, this paper mainly considers uncertainties of subjective perceptions in evaluation. Other uncertainties, such as the availability of data and characterization of dynamic data, should also be considered. Consequently the adaptation of evaluation model and the effectiveness of algorithm will certainly be a focus of future research.
AcknowledgmentsThe authors would like to thank the anonymous referees and editors for their valuable comments and suggestions on this paper. This work has been funded by the National Nature Science Foundation of China (71401039, 61179061), the Humanities and Social Sciences Youth Fund Project of Education Ministry of China (14YJC630060) and the Science and Technology Project of Fujian Province (Soft Science Project 2014R0058).