Check dangerous place when you buy toys

Today, parents are very careful when they choose children's toys, the experts said in the purchase of toys from toys manufacturer in China, we are not only pay attention to the national compulsory product certification mark, see the product name, manufacturer information, the main material or ingredient.


Looking toy instructions on the packaging check whether a product contains some of the children less than 3 years of age, it is rather dangerous parts. While some toys by the manufacturer's safety tests, may still pose a threat. For example, if parents buy toys cars from remote control toys supplier, he should pay attention to the little part of the car. If the product has detachable small parts, without flattening the children can be swallowed throat, then the product must not buy. Moreover, some toys are sharp edges or rough texture; so, when you see wooden or metal toys, carefully first touch, make a decision.


Since the blossom of China novelty toys wholesale online, we should take care of our children from the damage of dangerous places of toys.