Personalized family LED light

At present, China has a brightly lit lighting to spend LED, which also shows the popularity of LED lights use. As LED light manufacturer China said that home LED lighting personalized trend is here in future. But some people asked blue LED will hurt healthy people or not. Now we look at this issue.


Blue-ray will bring damage to the retina. But we should distinguish between healthy people and vulnerable populations. We can make the blue light of different intensity international with zero class, one class, second class and other division, currently being used as a base of zero class LED lighting and a class, if it is the second category were mandatory labeling “the eye can not staring.” We can use China 18W 1200mm T8 LED tube light safely as it is safe for us. “Photochemical damage is there, but healthy people do not worry!” He explained, like the human body, like X-ray, the body has a strong ability to repair itself. He said the zero class and a class of Blue-ray for the average person will not have significant impact, but vulnerable populations of children, hypertension, diabetes, etc. should be used with caution.


I believe high quality modern LED ceiling light will give no damage for our health so that we can use them in our home decoration safely.