1DI300Z-120 Fuji Power Transistor Module

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Introducing 1DI300Z-120 - a creation of Fuji that has enhanced the performance of countless high power switching applications today! This Fuji power transistor module is fully loaded with amazing features that cannot be spotted on those typical and weak models.


1DI300Z-120 weighs 5.34 lbs. and generates power of up to 300 Amps of collector current and collector emitter voltage of 1200. Indeed, it’s a perfect device for all your demanding applications.


One of the best features of 1DI300Z-120 is it’s ability to endure extreme temperatures. Whether on storage or junction temperature, this power module can fully function with ease even at 150 oC! But that’s not all!


Fuji 1DI300Z-120 also has an arrangement of 2 NPN silicon array transistors. With this component, its current rating dramatically improves and can be increased while maintaining safety and security to itself, to the application and even to nearby individuals!