Metis self drilling anchor bolt is your best choice

Metis,as the largest supplier of anchoring products in the world,it is becoming more and more popular with it's excellent products and professional online services.With so many years of exploration and development of the anchoring products,Metis is gaining more and more appraise and appreciation from our clients all over the world.Our anchoring products have been exported to Asia,Oceania,Europe,Africa North America,South America and widely used in tunneling,mining,hydroeletric station and civil consruction and geological engineerings.
Metis is famous for it'self drilling anchor bolt,and today I will introduce one of the anti-corrosion self drilling anchor bolts to you.
The first is duplex coating self drilling anchor bolt,which provides two corrosion-prevention measurements on the bolt surface,hot-dip galvanizing and epoxy coating that can prevent the bolt against corrosion very well.It's widely used for geological conditions that are soaked by underground water,such as road,railway tunnel,subsea tunnel which are corroded by seawater,as well as harbor,wharf and builings on the sea affected.
With features of thick hot-dip galvanizing coating,dense combination,high anti-corrosion and good toughness and high bonding stress.Also,coated with epoxy can not only provide high adhesive force to the steel substrate but also offer excellent phsical properties and chemical stability.Besides,duplex drilling anchor bolt increases durability and wear resistance,as well as provides a wide range of temprature adaptability.
Considering the effect of insulating and resisting anode dissolution,the combination of these two methods are consequently play improtant parts in foundation support,which make the life of the self drilling bolt reachs more than 100 years.