The Galapagos Islands: Your Vacation cruise of a Lifetime

For anyone seeking interaction which has a variety of ecosystems, endemic species, and geological and volcanic wonders, the Galapagos Islands of Ecuador is a destination both uniquely gorgeous and historical naturally. Distributed throughout the equator, these islands are in a national park and biological marine reserve consists of an intricate system of ocean currents that travel through 15 major islands, 3 smaller islands and 107 islets and rock formations.The ultimate way to feel the Galapagos Islands has been an extra cruise. Travel experts agree a cruise offers the capability of viewing various terrains and small land masses which is a favorite means of transportation for all those needing to photograph or join in the Galapagos.

What to Expect
For safety reasons and to increase your cruise experience, stay away from the Galapagos area in September because waters are extremely rough. Not only will this boost the probability of seasickness, it also prevents you against having the ability to dive.As a way to join in the Galapagos, travelers should be certified and proficient in diving. Currents could make diving dangerous, mainly the South Equatorial Current in the eastern and central islands, the North Equatorial Current in the northern islands, and the Cromwell Current in western and central islands. In case you are certified and prefer to dive, be sure you bring a high-quality underwater camera to help you capture the underwater wildlife in the Islands.Speaking of photography, the area itself is a very casual destination and photographers of most levels of skill are thrilled using the extensive photo opportunities. Animals in the Galapagos area are curious and people-friendly, so it is simple to capture incredible photos.Spanish is the primary language spoken on inhabited Galapagos Islands.

Galapagos Islands Cruise Itineraries
Cruise itineraries towards the Galapagos Islands can differ from 3 - 12 days, determined by your budget and the way much you would like to see. The islands that appear on your cruise itinerary may rely on the nation's Park Service, but a tour with the Galapagos Islands often includes:

Bartolome - Bartolome Island is a volcanic islet off of the coast of Santiago and boasts mangrove forests and golden sands. Maui is among the few that is certainly home to the Galapagos penguins, the only penguins to reside on the equator and is particularly a great place to snorkel.
Santiago - The very first island discovered inside the Caribbean by Columbus, Santiago may be the home of sea and land turtles, flamingos and several other birds, and sea creatures such as the Galapagos fur seals.
Santa Cruz - Hosting the biggest population, Santa Cruz hosts the Charles Darwin Research Station, and visitors welcome to view the giant wild tortoises inside the mossy highlands.
Isabela - Named honoring Queen Isabella, this seahorse shaped island offers beautiful beaches, saltwater lagoons, and caves. The equator runs across the island and Puerto Villamil is situated on the southeastern tip in the island.
Fernandina - The youngest and westernmost island inside the Galapagos, el born area offers an iguana haven and views of volcanoes.
Floreana - Enjoy snorkeling with sea lions in crystal waters off Champion Islet and stroll the white sands beaches to see sea turtles, flamingos, and a number of other shore birds.
Espanola - The oldest island from the Galapagos, Espnola is very remote meaning it provides a large number of endemic species including the lava lizard, mockingbird, and tortoise.April through December provides the chance to see waved albatross and colorful iguanas. This island is home to Darwin's finches, sea lions, and blue-footed boobies.

Exactly where you go inside the Galapagos Islands, this once-in-a-lifetime vacation cruise will certainly me one of your most memorable vacations ever.

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