This thing of talking to people close to I and only finding out later I would have rather stood on top of the hill and told everybody up irks me. People irritates a person not because they want to but, because there is a weakness they have spotted upon talking to you. I am the type of person who hate eavesdropping and name-droppers. I would rather smile after I have read a letter with a misspelt name of a person or town. For example, KRUGERSDROP instead of KRUGERSDORP. Yeah! I have to let you know where I am from because people often make the mistake of comparing individuals. I may sound like I am from JOHANNESBURG. The only reason I could think of is because I work there. If I act a particular way which makes me sound like the City's clevers, is due to the fact that my forebearers spoke that way. And it is in no way make me want to be a thug. And it also does not mean they too were thugs. There are different cultures in the world and it might just have been the way they had expressed themselves. I too would love to be talking simple like most people do but, I can not. Not because I would like to be seen to clever or different. This language thing to I is not a problem so long as I and those which I am talking to understands each other. But, sometimes it becomes difficult for I when I say one thing and the people think that they got me on their tight, sweet-spot, that they have been longing to get me at. Or when those who have committed misdemeanors and think that my previous allegiances with them will bail them out. To I, I say cheers to the way I live this life. Because only God knows what else I will become in His Kingdom after He calls my name out. I do not know why I should worry myself about people who due to their connections think that I am just a candle that they could put out whenever they so wish. Those people who seem to think that I am full of myself and somebody should empty me up and push me down hill like an empty water tank. I do not know. What I know however is that; I am a human being and can wear any clothing I like even if they may look like prison guards garb. You know, it is simple for people to call you an angel when they are looking for a dalliance or to turn and call you the devil after finding out that you are just not what they had been looking for. And I am always looking out for myself hey? I do and it is part of my job. And since I now seem to have seen the light as far as my character is concerned, I may just keep looking without getting too much concerned about people and their characters.