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Our African fashion web store offers classic style Swiss lace with Italian sneakers and bag collection and matching headtie to coordinate the African clothing. Our store carries a wide variety of super gorgeous and fabulous styles African laces which are exclusively designed for all kinds of occasions and so are designed for retail and wholesale order. Our African laces/Georges are created out of the best and finest quality Switzerland materials and workmanship. Some of the laces/Georges are customs handmade. We specialize in best and finest quality Swiss voile laces from Switzerland, Austria and some other countries that manufacture top quality Swiss laces.

Africa Bags are hand-crafted by walking powered treadle sewing machines in another of 7 villages in Malawi, Africa. We send income from the bag sales directly back again to Malawi every month. That is a nonprofit organization. They rely on volunteers to greatly help us market the bags here in America. Goals- To economically empower the people african fabrics of Malawi Africa with a sustainable overall economy. To reduce the usage of plastic shopping bags. Choose the bag that is saving lives in Malawi! Vlisco Vlisco - Since 1846 Vlisco offers been designing and generating colourful fashion fabrics that form an essential area of the lively West and Central African lifestyle. Congo Rose.

Congo Rose ? Rose is usually Africa Remixed.The Fabrics have been collected from all over the African continent, properly chosen in the local marketplaces and handmade into our first designs in Cape City, South Africa. Their Interest is for the people of Africa, especially the ladies. We believe that by creating african textiles locally we are making a positive effect in the lives of the women and the countless people they support of their families and communities. Production is founded on principals of reasonable trade. All products are produced by highly skilled seamstresses. They embrace lifestyle diversity and creativity.

This weblog is dedicated to the advancement of African lifestyle by method of the provision of data about advancements in its production, styling, make use of and maintenance. The term African fabric identifies fabrics that are typically won by Africans, even though they are not all created by Africans or in Africa. They are also not won by Africans only. African fabrics can generally be discovered on folks strolling or traveling through the roads of western capitals like London, New york, Atlanta and other significant metropolitan areas by men and women of diverse ethnic back again grounds. more information