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Well, a few words about my interests.

I have pursued higher academics in the English Language and Law. By profession, I am a High Court lawyer specializing in Corporate Law and Intellectual Property Laws. Iam actively engaged in a spectrum ofdiverse issues including Human Rights, Labour Issues, Environmental Issues, Ethnic Issues, Racial Discrimination, Linguistic and Regional Chauvinism, Gender Equality, Child Labour, Child Abuse, etc.,etc.

Apart form these, my other areas of interest include: Lifestyle, Health & Nutrition, Society, Beauty and Cosmetics, Culture, History, Philosophy, Science and Technology andEducation.

Having travelled widely, I have first-hand experience of most of the lifestyles and cultures of the international community.

An avid reader and an eloquent speaker, I am a prolific writerin all the said areas of interest. You can read my articlesonHubpages, Triond andFactoidz

I am very glad to associate with you and all members of the Hubpages community.

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