What To Wear With Embellished Jeans

Embellished jeans make a great harga batik keris statement. These are skinny jeans that feature embroidered stitching patterns or rhinestone styles. Sometimes it can seem like it's hard to find good stuff to wear with them. However, there are many good clothing options that are appealing with this clothing item. Shops like Dr. Jay's and Akademiks offer related clothing products.

Some Important Basics

It's important to your tops and shoes or boots fairly simple. T-shirts that are put on with embellished jeans shouldn't have patterns. Rather, they should have one or two solid colors. Also, avoid shoes or boots decorated with rhinestones or lots of glitter. Simple flats, sandals or sneakers generally work best.

Ideal Tops

There are many shirt and designs that look good with these jeans. A solid colored t-shirt in a baby style often looks good with these. Printed tees with simple designs also work well. Tops with some frills can properly complement jeans that have designs on them. If you are wearing your jeans to a party, get one of these nicer tank top, strapless top or halter.

Good Shoes to Wear

Several shoe styles in solid colors look good with these. Popular casual options consist of flats, wedge sandals and gladiator-style sandals. If you're wearing a t-clothing, consider wearing your favorite pair of sneakers. When you're wearing your pants with a dressy top, utilize the appropriate sneakers. Pumps or flats with a pointed toe are a good option, and also sandals. You can even try ankle shoes with a heel.