The Raman spectrum of aluminite over

Infrared spectroscopy
Infrared spectra were obtained using a Nicolet Nexus 870 FTIR spectrometer with a smart endurance single bounce diamond ATR cell. Spectra over 4000–525 cm−1 range were obtained by the co-addition of 128 scans with a GSK744 of 4 cm−1 and a mirror velocity of 0.6329 cm/s. Spectra were co-added to improve the signal to noise ratio.
Spectral manipulation such as baseline correction/adjustment and smoothing were performed using the Spectracalc software package GRAMS (Galactic Industries Corporation, NH, USA). Band component analysis was undertaken using the Jandel ‘Peakfit’ software package compound enabled the type of fitting function to be selected and allows specific parameters to be fixed or varied accordingly. Band fitting was done using a Lorentzian–Gaussian cross-product function with the minimum number of component bands used for the fitting process. The Lorentzian–Gaussian ratio was maintained at values greater than 0.7 and fitting was undertaken until reproducible results were obtained with squared correlations of r2 greater than 0.995.